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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Looking For Most Expensive Car

News Car.The world’s fastest, most expensive and most exclusive factory-built car is a short, curvy, two-seater with massive power. Can you handle her? The car’s features sound like those on a jet: diffuser flaps, air-intake scoops, a tail wing that acts like an airbrake and 1.7 miles of cable to power onboard electronics. No, I don’t think you can.

Bugatti, owned by Volkswagen, can only produce one Veyron per week in its newly built factory in France. The company will discontinue creating this beautiful monster once it hits 300 orders.

“Now that the car has become real as opposed to virtual, the interest has been absolutely tremendous,” said Georges Keller, Bugatti’s head of communications. The Veryon took seven years to build. And you only have a limited amount of time to get your hands on one.
New Car.By allison.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Top Drift Car In The World Video!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Paris motor show 2008

the Paris motor show 2008. We're reporting live around the clock from the Mondial de l'Automobile, the world's biggest motor show by visitor attendance. Live show reports are printed in bold beneath; the other links take you to our preview of each car
By Tim Pollard

Electric Car

Electric car start-up Tesla is restructuring its US operation and laying off around 100 staff, as the credit crunch continues to make life difficult for car companies big and small. It’s now on its fourth CEO in 12 months, as founder Elon Musk takes over from Ze’ev Drori.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Tesla has sold 12 electric Roadsters in the UK for delivery in May 2009 and is about to appoint its first dealership in London. It isn’t building an extensive dealer base and the company claims the car doesn’t need much servicing

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R version was first introduced and manufactured in Tokyo, Japan in 1997. It has a chassis EK9 type hatchback and shares some physical features of the Integra Type R and has an improved sound omission and reduction of weight principles. The Honda Civic Type R has a B16B type engine, close ratio gearbox, limited slip system differential on the front and an improved rigidity of the chassis as among its many improved features.car

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Nissan GT-R Best In The World


What a day! What a car! The California is by no means perfect – it's pricey and we can quibble over the finer points of the handling, brakes and rear packaging – but it's hard not to be impressed by the California. Especially when we were so sceptical before. It's everything that a slightly softer Ferrari should be and brilliantly judged to tempt buyers out of top-rung Merc SLs and the like. The folding metal roof (Ferrari's first) is well executed, the boot space is truly astonishing and the interior a roomy, comfy place to be.

That the California also manages to pack the mother of all V8s, with fuel-miser direct-injection present and correct, and hit the bullseye first time with the superlative new transmission is quite a feat. Don't believe the doubters who say this Ferrari is too soft. It's not. It's nigh-on perfect for its target market. That leaves this road tester deeply impressed.
By Chris Chilton

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mercedes : Family Of Coupes

Mercedes is to shake up its entire family of coupes. The changes kick off with the new E-class coupe and will include a proper new C-class coupe (instead of today’s short-cut CLC), as well as repositioning the top-dog CL.

The CLK badge will die next year, replaced by the E-class coupe. It was shown in concept guise as the Fascination shooting brake concept car at the Paris motor show, which shows the front-end styling of the new E family, including the coupe.

Why launch a sporty two-door E-class? Simple. It’ll at a stroke boost sales figures for the total E-class range, especially against its 5-series and A6 rivals. It’ll move the old CLK up half a notch (with, we suspect, according price rises). And it’ll pave the way for the subsequent switch from CL to S-class coupĂ© designation.
Yes, Mercedes-Benz is secretly
By Georg Kacher

New Mercedes

Mercedes’ new Project Fascination – easily the best-looking car from Stuttgart in a long while – took centre stage on Daimler's stand, followed by the new S400 Blue Hybrid, a grenade-proof Pullman stretch limo, en electric smart and a new biturbo diesel. A busy stand. No wonder it took almost half an hour to unveil them all!
Tell me more about the Fascination concept

Well, Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche didn't add a great deal more to what we already know about the Merc Fascination once he'd driven the concept onto the stage. Penned by new design director Gordon Wagener, the Fascination previews the 2009 E-class but interestingly the car is badged as a concept rather than Mercedes’ usual ‘Vision’ which normally indicates a very lightly disguised production car. Insiders claim the Fascination’s face will make it onto the more athletic E-Class coupe – the CLK name is due to be dropped – and if the response is strong enough, this coupe shooting brake bodystyle is also on the cards.
By Ben Whitworth

McLaren P11

today publishes undisguised photographs of the 200mph McLaren P11 – Woking’s new junior supercar that will resurrect the spirit of the fabled F1 but in a new, smaller, cheaper package to tackle the likes of the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo.

We’ve obtained three world-exclusive photographs of an early clay model of the new 2010 McLaren sports car, which reveal the Macca’s styling direction for the first time.

Read on for the full story on this landmark new McLaren:

• We lay bare the design story so far
• Lowdown on small McLaren’s engine
• Why it has cutting-edge composite tech
• The full marketing story of Project P11
So where on earth did you get these photographs of the new McLaren P11?

We can’t reveal our sources, for obvious reasons. But we’ve obtained three photographs showing the front, side profile and rear of a clay styling buck of the new baby McLaren sports car.

Our Photoshop experts are satisfied that they are a) genuine and b) undoctored. All we’ve done is remove the background (to protect our sources’ identities) and watermark them (so they’re attributed to CAR when they’re inevitably republished around the worldwide web). Otherwise what you see is what you get.
By Tim Pollard

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Mazda

Mazda is replacing its 3 family of hatchbacks and saloons and we'll see this US-market sedan at next month's Los Angeles motor show. It's a four-door for the notchback-obsessed Americans, but we'll see the five-door Euro-style Mazda 3 hatch a few weeks later at the 2008 Bologna motor show.

The new Mazda 3 is believed to be based on the engineering skeleton of a Ford Focus, so expect a front-wheel drive layout and a wide spread of diesel and petrol engines. However, Mazda is promising to repeat the Weight Watchers programme of the 2 supermini to pick out unnecessary heft – to the benefit of economy and performance.
By Tim Pollard

Small Sports Car Concept

Volkswagen is readying a top-secret mid-engined sports car in the mould of the Lotus Elise – a true people’s sports car in keeping with the brand’s populist roots and wearing a tempting price tag hovering around £20,000. CAR has compiled a dossier on the new VW coupe and we’ll see more concrete clues at the November 2008 Los Angeles motor show when Volkswagen whisks the cover off its third small sports car concept in five years.

a possible look for the new VW coupe, although we admit this image is quite speculative. Little is known yet about the finished look of the newcomer – largely because the production version isn’t likely to be seen before 2013.

The design is still not signed off, but we hear that VW designer Mark Lichte is planning to give the sports car classic proportions, with a long wheelbase, a wide track and short overhangs. Our image wraps up that DNA in a contemporary Volkswagen two-seater design.
By Tim Pollard (artist's impression by Larson)

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Alfa Romeo 2009

We might have already seen the official shots of Alfa's gorgeous new Mito, but the Italians continue to test their new Mini rival and we've caught it near the Nurburgring in Germany.

This is Alfa’s first new car since the Competzione 8C, and many of the supercar's beautiful design touches have trickled down to the Mito. For our money this is the best-looking small car on the planet. It's packed with the sort of details more normally reserved for high-end Italian sports cars: sleek frameless doors, LED taillights and bulging body work will surely make it next year’s must-have superminis. It even wears its disguise tape with a degree of panache.
By Mike Elwin

New Chevrolet -2010

Ignore the zany camouflage – beneath the canvas, swirls and dots sits Chevrolet’s new Beat supermini. It’s the car that will replace the aged Matiz – thanks goodness – and it sits on GM’s new ‘world car’ B-class platform, developed in Korea. It’s early days yet for the fresh-looking Beat though – it only arrives here in 2010.

It was. Chevrolet unveiled three concepts at 2007's New York motor show – Beat, Groove and Trax – and then asked the public to vote online for the car they wanted to go into production. With modern, muscular and chunky looks it's no surprise the Beat took top honours after 1.9 million votes had been cast. It’s the very antithesis of the current Matiz. Just as well – the Beat will be sold around the globe in over 100 countries, so its visual appeal is crucial if Chevrolet is to succeed as GM’s entry-level marque.
Ben Whitworth

Audi A1

Audi will launch its long-awaited Mini challenger in 2010. The A1, logically enough, sits at the bottom of the Audi family tree – and we’ve got the photos and sketches that reveal how the finished A1 will look, once the first models roll off the production line in Belgium.

As ever with a new-car scoop, it's a classic case of jigsaw identification. Audi has given several clues to the look of its new A1 with the recent Metroproject Quattro concept car. Our new artist's impression (main image) reveals how the finished car will look.

The A1 will use the VW group’s MQB modular transverse engineering package and there will be three different bodystyles: a chunky three-door hatch (revealed in our sketches), a roomier five-door and an open-top model. All will be under four metres long – unlike giants like the new – and aimed squarely at BMW’s mini.
By Tim Pollard

Mini Power

These are CAR's first pictures of the electric Mini – the miserly mini that will help BMW meet tough new American regulations requiring car makers selling vehicles in California also to offer zero-emission vehicles by 2012.

Our scoop photographer snapped the Mini out testing on the roads around Munich. And it wasn’t difficult for our man to spot the battery-powered Mini; apart from its telling lack of exhaust pipes, those ‘Hybrid Test Vehicle’ decals slapped all over the car were a bit of a giveaway…

If this is a mule of the electric Mini, when does the real thing arrive?

By Ben Whitworth

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Honda : Concept Car

Here’s one concept car that looks likely to hit the production mainline in the near future. Expanding its leading line of “green” sports cars, Honda recently unveiled this OSM (Open Study Model) at the British International Motor Show last week. The sporty two-seat convertible is reminiscent of the current S2000 line and joined the confirmed-for-production CR-Z sports Hybrid and the FCX Clarity at the show.
honda Eco

by Evelyn Lee

New Nissan 370Z Coupe

Here’s the new Nissan 370Z coupe, caught on a rain-splashed shakedown as engineers hone the set-up ahead of launch at next month’s Los Angeles motor show. This is the model that will replace today’s 350Z, the brilliant sports car that’s helped turn around Nissan’s image this decade.

We’ll finally see the edgy new 370Z on 19 November 2008, but these photos reveal a squat, rakish new design with, as expected, plenty of hints of its GT-R super-coupe big brother – just look at the cockpit-style side windows and sloping roofline – to cement the link between Nissan’s sports cars.

By Tim Pollard

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Renault Sport

Renault is readying a
high-performance version of the new Megane and we’ve caught the hot hatch testing just days after the regular hatchback and coupe’s debut at last week’s Paris motor show.

The new Megane five-door rolls into dealerships in November 2008 and the three-door coupe in January 2009 – but we’ve scooped the Renaultsport version a full year before it hits showrooms in September 2009.

You won’t see the three-door-only Renaultsport version officially until the Geneva motor show in March 2009, but here’s the full lowdown on what CAR knows about the French hot hatchback.

By Tim Pollard

Porsche Boxter New Project

Porsche is preparing to piggyback VW and Audi’s roadster project and build a baby Boxster, a car that could be a true successor to the 356. But this new model won’t tread on the toes of any existing Porsches and production numbers will be capped to make this a highly desirable car. Our artist's impression reveals how the new Porsche could look.

The first time we’ll see anything official from this project will be at November’s LA Auto Show, where VW will unveil its third design study of an affordable roadster, following on from the 2004 Concept R and the 2005 Eco-Racer.

Just how is the project to build a baby Porsche going to work out?

Between 1969 and 1976 VW and Porsche built and marketed just under 120,000 mid-engined 914 two-seaters. And in recent years various VW bosses have wanted to create a contemporary and affordable mid-engined sports car. First there was Bernd Pischetsrieder, the former BMW chairman who wanted a budget roadster along the lines of the Mk1 Lotus Elise. There was even talk of Lotus building the car for VW, but in the end no decision was made.

By Georg Kacher

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Gen Mercedes CLS (2010)

The Mercedes CLS has been a success so Stuttgart is pushing ahead with a replacement, due in late 2010. We’ve snapped the first engineering mule, testing with Brembo engineers, but the big news will be 4Matic transmissions, a hybrid option, new turbo engines and even more striking looks. The mule we've caught uses the current CLS body, but with flared wheelarches to accomodate the wider tracks of the next-gen car.

So Mercedes is replacing the CLS?

Yes. Five years ago, the term ‘four-door coupe’ was a big unknown. But in 2004, Mercedes introduced the CLS and it didn’t take long for it to become the brand´s new shooting-star. Other marques followed, like Jaguar with the XF and VW with the Passat CC, while in 2010 Audi will unleash the A7 and BMW will launch the four-door CS coupe. But while the competition is still learning the tricks of the four-door coupe trade, Mercedes is already laying the finishing touches on the second-generation CLS.

Codenamed C218, the new low-roof four-seater is a careful evolution of the original design masterminded by Gordon Wagener, who was recently appointed head of the design department, replacing Peter Pfeiffer

BMW Concept X1

BMW will unveil its Concept X1 at the Paris motor show, a tarted-up version of the production car that will debut in mid-2009. But ahead of the official debut BMW has released this teaser video.

Of course it's a PR stunt, with glimpses of the Concept X1 mixed in with shots of skateboarders and grafftti artists, but it gives us our first look at the new X1 on the move. Except the real thing to arrive in mid-2009, while a 'coupe' X2 version will also be spun from the same platform.

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